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Turntables lie at the heart of Sonata, whether we are selling, repairing, servicing or upgrading them. It therefore makes sense for us to also offer a selection of vinyl for sale.

We mainly work with a record label called ‘Music on Vinyl’ (MOV), that is based in the Netherlands. They are a trusted name within the industry, for their high quality pressings on 180gram vinyl and their re-mastering engineers have over 40 years of experience working from one of the best re-mastering studios in the world.

Releases are from a wide range of record companies and artists and consist mostly of ‘classic album’ titles. To give you an idea, here is a link to the MOV catalogue

We also have access to many more independent labels, so if you are looking for a particular title that isn’t featured on MOV, please get in touch with and we will try our best to find it for you.

We will be regularly updating our ‘Vinyl Corner’ with news about new releases and limited editions, so don’t be a stranger and take a look in the corner whenever you can.