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For those times, when only the best will do…

Sonata can exclusively offer you the finest audio systems we have ever heard, manufactured in Switzerland to the highest industry standards, by Goldmund.

From their tiny NanoMetis wireless speakers, all the way up to the legendary Goldmund Media Room, these products are not only the most technologically advanced available but also the most realistic sounding.

The reason that Goldmund speakers sound more like reality than any other is down to the simple fact that in audio, more than in any other domain, time is of the essence.

In nature, there is no time distortion of sounds that you hear and that’s why your brain (which is incredibly sensitive to time) knows in an instant that what you’re hearing is ‘real’.

When a Blackbird sings a note, you hear all of its frequencies at the same time and time cannot be distorted.

Unfortunately, all audio equipment creates unnatural time delays for different frequencies, which your brain recognises as unreal.

Only Goldmund speaker systems produce the most time coherent audio possible and that’s the reason why it instantly sounds more natural.

Quite simply, nothing else gets this close – here are some inspirational systems:

Goldmund Mimesis 11 – Goldmund Metis Mk2
Goldmund Eidos 17 – Goldmund Mimesis 15 – Goldmund Prana
Goldmund Eidos 36U-4K – Goldmund Mimesis 16.5 – Goldmund Samadhi