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This really is a compact little powerhouse of an amplifier, the team at Nagra have managed to produce a MOSFET design of sublime musicality and finesse.

The machining of the casework alone is a superb piece of industrial design.

Typically Nagra in the manner of which it just goes about its job, letting the music do the talking and taking nothing away from it.

If the 300 power amp is a bit too daunting for you then simply partner the MSA with the Jazz preamp and you’ll have the most wonderful (space friendly) combination imaginable.

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Let’s face it, it’s a Nagra, it’s got valves in it and it’s called ‘Jazz’….. it has to be one of the best preamps in the audio world.

Classic Nagra styling with a twist – the sockets are on the back !

Full function remote control and an external PSU make this a real 21st Century Nagra.

It’s gorgeous, it’s Swiss, it’s expensive and it’s as musical as the festival it’s named in honour of.

Pure audio class and probably my ‘desert island preamp’

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There’s no point in me ‘waxing lyrical’ about the 150 and the corresponding MAP’s.

Quite simply, they are up there with the best solid state amplifiers available on this planet and you wont find anything more musical for less cash.

Magical !

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These stereo amplifiers are just so musical and also an excellent match for preamps outside of the Lavardin family too.

The A80 is stunning value for money but the Reference is just simply stunning !

The most compact, discrete and desirable musical amplifier your ever likely to hear.

A must for all serious music lovers.

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Both the 42 and 62 are wonderful preamps that actually work superbly with power amps other than Lavardin’s own.

Having said that, they only really perform at their best when partnered with one of the amazing Lavardin power amps.

The C42 is ideally suited to the A80 and also the A80 Reference, but this amp really sings with the C62.

Obviously it goes without saying that the brilliance of the C62 shines through when used with the 150 stereo amp, or better still the MAP monos (for those who want the ultimate Lavardin system !)

The C62 can also be configured with the excellent Lavardin MM phono input.

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When done properly, you can’t beat a good step-up transformer with a great MC cartridge.

The only trouble being, there ain’t a lot of good step-ups out there (let alone great ones !)

Well, never fear Dynavector is here and this transformer is definitely a great one !

The SUP-200 is a class act, supreme build quality and musicality when combined with a suitable MM input (yes, you’ve guessed it, Leben and Lavardin come to mind)

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The lovely 20X2 is quite a bargain, think of it as a ‘baby’ XX2 rather than an improved 10X5.

The big change is the move to a solid Aluminium body which provides the cartridge assembly with a much more rigid platform to work with.

However, my favourite bit about the 20X is that you can specify it in either High or Low output versions – great for those of you that want a high quality MC cartridge but only have an MM amplifier input.

A favourite of ours with the lovely Leben valve phono amp or the MM inputs of a Lavardin IS.

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Great news !

To celebrate Naim Audio’s inclusion at the ‘Make it in Great Britain’ exhibition hosted by the London Science Museum, they’re running a competition to win a superb Naim hi-fi system.

To enter, just visit the link below.

Also, as part of our Olympian ‘best of British hi-fi’ month, we will have numerous Naim products on permanent demonstration at Sonata.

Come round and hear them alongside other brilliant British products from Rega, ProAc, Chord Co, Epos, Quadraspire, Atacama, MusicWorks, Black Ravioli and Studio Connections !

Either call us on 0330 111 5653 or e-mail to arrange a visit.

We look forward to introducing you to some fabulous musical sounds.

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These cables are brilliant and a bit of a bargain as well.

They do for your electrical supply what those evil Black Ravioli’s do for vibrations.

Everything is clearer, quieter and more resolved.

A great partner for the Music Works mains block too.