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As the nights draw in and the heating goes up, what better way to get through another British winter than to cosy up with some great music played on a new hi-fi system.

Well, our lovely Canadian friends at Moon have come up with some very tempting offers to help you get some  better sound in your life.

Bring some  new  sparkle  to a jaded old CD player or Computer with the superb Moon 300D DAC, now at the amazing price of £999 (a £350 saving !!!!)

Or, how about a superb new system based around the Moon 260D CD player and 250i amplifier at a bargain price of £2930 (saving £270 on the combined price)

This is a really special deal when you consider how wonderful both of these components are, but don’t just take my word for it… check out the recent Hi-Fi Choice magazine’s ‘Recommended’ award and review (issue 362)

Finally, if you’re looking for a new amplifier to integrate seamlessly with a digital streaming system then Moon are offering the brilliant little 100D DAC for half price (that’s £275) when you purchase a new 250i amplifier (at £1600)

Add the Moon MiND module, a decent pair of speakers, some good cables and you’ve got a state-of-the-art music system fit for the 21st Century !

Hurry up and get your new Moon hi-fi now as these amazing offers are only here until the end of December 2012.

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What a busy day but it was worth it !

A packed room upstairs at The Paradise proved that The Clash can still pull a crowd in Portobello.

Both myself an Yvonne would like to thank everyone who came, for making the event such good fun and also a special thank-you to all our friends who made it possible.

John and Agathe from Renaissance Audio for travelling down from Edinburgh with a van full of amazing MOON, Black Ravioli and Studio Connections (and Kiseki) goodies !

David for helping us get the superb ProAc K6 speakers ‘on stage’

Rob and the gang at Rega for the wonderful P9 turntable.

John and Terry for doing a brilliant job on the pop-up record shop, I’m surprised the tables managed to take the weight !

Finally, our superstar DJ, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy for presenting ‘London Calling’ in all its Punk glory.

Roll on the next Sonata Showcase.

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Congratulations and well done to Paul Greendale of NW10 for becoming the proud (and lucky) owner of a new Rega RP1 turntable by winning the ‘Sonata Calling’ prize draw on Sunday.

We’re really pleased to hear that it’s going to someone who has kept every vinyl record he’s ever bought since the age of 12 !

Paul will be receiving the latest version of the RP1 with Rega’s new cartridge design called the ‘Carbon’ in his choice of either Black, White or Titanium Grey finish.

Perfect for getting re-acquainted with all that lovely old vinyl as the nights start to draw in.

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We’re all set for Sunday and can’t wait to get the music playing, especially since we’ll be using ‘the best speakers currently made in Britain’ (Hi-Fi Plus magazine)

Our wonderful ProAc K6s will be powered by some world-class amplification from MOON, particularly the new 810LP Reference phonostage and also, because we’re sensitive to our London audience’s needs, we’ll be making use of the compact powerhouse that is their 700i integrated amp.

Also having its first outing in the Capital will be the cutting edge MOON MiND streamer (via the 750D CD/DAC) just showing that, although we love our vinyl, Sonata can also mix it up with some seriously good sounding digital media.

However, the main source will be good old vinyl, courtesy of Rega.
Their latest flagship turntable will be playing the tunes and tracking those grooves with a Dynavector cartridge, so a pleasant time is guaranteed for all.

Finally, DJ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy will give the system a real workout as we settle down to absorb the seminal ‘London Calling’ LP by The Clash.

Portobello rocks once more to the sound of a Classic Album Sunday !


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Following the huge success of our first showcase event in February, we’ve been inundated with requests for another one.

So, here it is !

Sunday, October 14th at The Paradise in Kensal Green from 2pm onwards – get it in your social calendar.

This time around, the ‘tunes’ will be played on another wonderful system guaranteed to enthrall and captivate while you enjoy a relaxed weekend drink with the Sunday papers or browse through the music selections in the ‘pop-up’ record shop.

Rega will be on vinyl spinning duties with their flagship turntable (and a possible surprise too ?) while amplification will be courtesy of the finest electronics from MOON, all finished off with the stunning ProAc K6 speakers.

A supporting cast from Studio Connections, Black Ravioli, Quadraspire and Sonority Design will ensure that the music sings more sweetly than ever !

Our guest for the evening will be DJ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, who will be presenting a very special Classic Album Sundays session for us.

The chosen LP being the iconic “London Calling” from those local Portobello boys, The Clash.

It’s all shaping up to be another gloriously indulgent ‘Sonata Sunday’ !

Stay tuned for more exciting details.

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At long last, a golf ball for every turntable, hurray !

The LTD is going to sell like proverbial ‘hot cakes’ especially to those people who might have a Scottish turntable and can no longer get the 2nd best arm for it (please Naim, start making the Aro again)

Great sound and a terrific bargain too.

Oh, by the way, the best arm for those Scottish turntables is a Breuer (by a Highland mile) and you can’t get those anymore either !

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Well , well, well, what do we have here ? – a Well Tempered turntable dressed in it’s Sunday best.

The Versalex is a real ‘looker’ as they say and definitely more user friendly and ‘house’ friendly than the brilliant but quirky Amadeus.

The walnut veneered birch ply plinth is very…. how shall we say, very Shahinian ???

However, don’t fear analogue fans because beauty is most certainly more than skin deep with the Versalex, this turntable is definitely a Well Tempered and all the musical loveliness that they stand for.

Bolt on a Dynavector and enjoy.

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A radical design innovation from Rega that is really going to shake up the market place.

The wait will certainly be worthwhile !

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The perfect partner for Rega’s fabulous little Brio-R amplifier.

The Apollo-R is quite simply the finest entry level CD spinner on the planet, full of Rega innovation and musicality.

The engineering expertise of those clever people in Southend can be seen (and heard) in the excellent ‘top loading’ transport mechanism – so often a weakness in the competition !

So good is the transport in fact, that many of our customers who have purchased the world beating Rega DAC have returned to take the Apollo-R as the perfect partner.

Brilliant CD player, superb Transport, amazing Bargain !