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Just what the market needed !

Compact, well made, very affordable with the classic Rega sound – add a decent analogue to digital converter plus USB connection to the mix and you simply can’t go wrong.

Take it with an RP1 Performance and you’ve ‘never had it so good’

Products like this bring a huge smile to my face and honestly make me feel young again.

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Brilliant. For those of you who are new to the world of vinyl and looking for an entry level phono amplifier, these little wonders are a must have.

Obvious match for Rega’s family of cartridges, we also had great fun with a Dynavector 10X5 on the new RP3 into the FONO MM and an Elicit (because ours is fitted with the MC board)

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A fabulous step-up from its baby brother the Brio-R.

The Elicit simply gives you more. More detail, more grip, more space and ultimately much more music.

This svelte powerhouse can form the heart of a really great system.

We have ours with the optional MC boards fitted and it sings with P7’s and P9’s as well as the wonderful Well Tempered Amadeus.

Makes a superb pairing with Rega’s Saturn CD player too and it adores ProAc speakers.

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“You little beauty” – this pert package from Southend has really thrown the proverbial cat in with the pigeons.

Forget the specifications, even though they are mightily impressive for a box this size (50 watts, remote, excellent MM input) it’s the sound that counts.

We’re talking music, music, music. Tight, punchy and natural the Brio-R works a treat with either the RP3, Apollo or DAC and a pair of RS3’s.

Throw in some lovely Chord Co. cables and you’ve got musical heaven for less than £2k.

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The largest speaker in Rega’s RS range and one that packs a lot of speaker technology into quite a discrete enclosure, and what an enclosure it is too.

A beautifully finished, handmade, transmission line design that gives the RS7 some real musical authority.

We get some captivating results with either the delightful Rega Elicit or the gorgeous Lavardin IS Reference amplifiers.

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Surprisingly compact, the RS3’s are Rega’s smallest floorstander. We love ‘em because they simply take all the good bits from the performance of the little RS1’s and just add some weight and punch to the musical foundations.

Put them with the Brio-R and either an RP3, Apollo or DAC (maybe all three if you fancy) and you’ve got a system that will knock the musical spots of all these so-called ‘lifestyle’ hifi products.

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This is our entry level speaker at Sonata. We think that the RS1 is a key design from Rega, one of the best music speakers at anywhere near its price.

Using Rega’s own drive units and uniquely (in this product sector) all handmade in the UK, the RS1’s are a joy to listen to and fit easily into many rooms.

We sit ours on a pair of Atacama stands and they sound huge !

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The flagship and therefore, a very special turntable. The P9 uses everything Rega know and believe in and takes it to the highest degree.

Music flows effortlessly from this stylish design and the engineering quality on offer for the modest cost (certainly in this product sector) is incredible.

The superb tonearm, ceramic platter, bearing and the massive power supply all combine to usher in music with pace, power and passion. All the P’s.

Worthy of a serious diamond, Rega’s Apheta works superbly as do various Dynavectors and ZYX’s.

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The latest Rega turntable takes the lessons learned from the development of the class leading RP3 one step further.

The major engineering effort has gone into the brilliant new 2-piece glass platter and alloy sub-platter, coupled together with the standard TT/PSU (available as an upgrade to the RP3) this leads to a much more rhythmically coherent performance.

The speed and precision of this turntable is astonishing at this modest price point.

We also think the addition of the high quality ‘feet’ from the P9 and the extra damping due to the gloss finishes on the plinth also add to the quieter backgrounds heard from the ‘6’.

Since we’ve mentioned the finish, truly Technicolour is all I need to add. Very Rega !

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Hot off the production line. The legend just gets even better !

For many people the ‘Planar 3’ was their first proper turntable and now the clever boffins in Rega’s engineering department have made it even more musical.

Sonata’s demonstration model looks stunning in white and sounds amazing with the Elys 2 cartridge.

Even more musical fun can be had by adding the new precision drive belt upgrade and the optional TT/PSU power supply.