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These cables are brilliant and a bit of a bargain as well. They do for your electrical supply what those evil Black Ravioli’s do for vibrations. Everything is clearer, quieter and more resolved. A great partner for the Music Works mains block too.

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These are really impressive cables and work well in all manner of systems, the speed and coherent nature of the Reference Plus mates very well with the Lavardin amplifiers. We’ve also had superb results with Moon and Naim (that’ll get me into trouble !) Expertly handcrafted in the UK, they’re not cheap but they’re not… Read more »

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An excellent digital interconnect for both SPDIF and AES interfaces. Ideal for preserving the musical integrity of those One’s and Zero’s over extremely long cable lengths. Sensible engineering that works, just listen to the results.

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These rather self effacing cables from Studio Connections do just what cables should do and what so many cables aren’t able to do, get out of the way. Sorry guys, no ‘tone controls’ here ! Designed primarily with phase coherence in mind, the Reference Plus interconnects deliver a fast, clean and clear signal giving the… Read more »