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These cables are brilliant and a bit of a bargain as well. They do for your electrical supply what those evil Black Ravioli’s do for vibrations. Everything is clearer, quieter and more resolved. A great partner for the Music Works mains block too.

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It goes without saying that Naim take power supplies for music systems very seriously. After all, common sense dictates that if your equipment is being fed unstable electricity then it’s going to give you some pretty unstable music. The Power-Line is a very serious bit of kit, comprising three extremely well engineered and unique components,… Read more »

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You don’t need me to tell you that your music system can’t live without mains electricity, unless you’ve got a wind-up Gramophone (nice) or you’re running it all off batteries (even nicer). Therefore, the majority of us need some kind of mains distribution system and the Music Works ReFlex family are excellent. Comprehensively put together… Read more »

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Without a doubt, this is the first Sarum purchase you should make. I know, I know…….. it shouldn’t work ? Well, you can hypothesise all you want because it’s just a load of hot air after all. However, all those who have listened just take one (or  more) away with them and bask in musical… Read more »

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A very revealing cable showing a similar level of musical improvement that our customers experience when using the Epic speaker cable. Makes a superbly coherent loom with Cadenza interconnects and the Epic Twin on speaker duty.

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Very cost effective improvement on the usual poor quality cables that are supplied with the majority of entry level equipment. We do our superb ‘introduction to music’ system with the brilliant Rega entry level products and a loom of Super Screen, Carnival and Crimson Plus. A shockingly good system.