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The ultimate way to ‘show off’ your fantastic Naim system. Not only does it look stunning, it’s superbly built and makes your Naims sound even better ! Available in a number of different wood and metalwork finishes, the Fraim is completely modular and grows with your system. The LITE version is the perfect entry to… Read more »

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This addition to the Naim cable range came about during the development of the stunning Naim DAC. An excellent co-axial cable that’s available in various BNC and RCA options. A very cost effective, high quality connection for Naim’s digital products, highly recommended.

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It goes without saying that Naim take power supplies for music systems very seriously. After all, common sense dictates that if your equipment is being fed unstable electricity then it’s going to give you some pretty unstable music. The Power-Line is a very serious bit of kit, comprising three extremely well engineered and unique components,… Read more »

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This superb interconnect is a product developed out of the research and development undertaken for Naim’s reference CD player (the CD 555) and it shows. As well as the exclusive high performance cable, Naim also engineered the highly innovative ‘Air-Plug’ DIN connector. With a number of different combinations of DIN and RCA connectors available, the… Read more »

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The second and probably more UK room friendly design in the Ovator series is, like it’s bigger brother (the S600) a veritable technical tour de force. Although downsized slightly, the main ingredients are pretty much the same particularly the unique use of a high performance BMR drive unit (OK, the excellent Rega RS10’s have now… Read more »

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This is a very special phonostage and the culmination of some very dedicated electronic and mechanical engineering. The SuperLine, like some other high performance Naim equipment really benefits from its massive suspended sub-chassis to ensure that the incredibly delicate cartridge signals are isolated from any environmental noise. Cartridge matching is assured with the availability of… Read more »

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An excellent little phonostage, superbly put together in the Naim tradition. Available in a number of versions for various cartridge types, either MM or MC. We’re particular fans of the Dynavector range with any Naim phonostage and the little StageLine MM really comes to life with a DV 10X5. Powered by either an integrated amp… Read more »

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A long term ‘classic’ in the Naim catalogue, the famous HiCAP has just undergone its most ambitious upgrade. The new DR (Discrete Regulator) modules have taken all of the higher end Naim supplies to a new level of performance. This has been a very important and worthwhile R&D investment by Naim but its benefits are… Read more »

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We think this is the most cost effective upgrade in the entire Naim catalogue. Why ? Well, from a basic engineering point of view, getting a purer power source to any electronic circuit will yield huge dividends in noise performance and sound quality. Other Naim power supplies do this too, with better performance than the… Read more »

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Naim’s entry level power amp is most certainly a chip off the old block. Poweful, beyond its modest size and musical in the extreme we just can’t help enjoying a system with this little beast and the rest of the ‘XS’ family. Any decent speakers, starting with Epos and Rega, moving up through Totem and… Read more »