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The 300’s big brother. Same super cool retro styling, same natural organic sound, just more of it ! 30 massive Watts of either EL34 or 6L6 power. Being a Brit, I prefer the ’34 but all you tube rollers out there can certainly experiment with the American alternative if it suits. The 600 is less… Read more »

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Small and perfectly formed, the Leben 300XS is quite simply 15 Watts of pure musical bliss. We first heard this wonderful amplifier in New York where it was quite literally man-handling a pair of DeVore 9’s with ‘The Stooges’ on vinyl (of course) courtesy of the superb Well Tempered Amadeus (yes, Sonata also has the… Read more »

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Valves and vinyl, a match made in musical heaven. For those of you looking to build a record playing system around a Leben integrated amplifier then the matching 30EQ phonostage is a great place to start. A fabulous MM input has all the signature Leben musicality and works wonders with the beguiling Auditorium 23 step-up… Read more »