Rob Wilson

Rob has always been a huge music fan and spent his first university grant on records and a decent hi-fi. He moved to London to become a sound engineer, working in a number of famous studios, live venues and West End theatres.

His love of Brit Pop turned him primarily to the music industry where he recorded, produced and managed numerous bands. He took this wealth of experience and began to lecture in Sound Engineering and Audio Technology at Westminster College and Westminster University. His teaching years gained him recognition and huge respect, resulting in him becoming Head of Department and writing course modules for the prestigious City & Guilds institute.

Music is his lifeblood and that’s why, 10 years ago he decided to set up his own hi-fi business. His technical expertise helps cut through any audiophile ‘clap-trap’ and he truly believes in the products carefully chosen for Sonata.

Yvonne Hawkey

Yvonne’s background is music and for years she worked in the music industry as a singer/song-writer, performer and promoter.

Over this time she had a couple of independent record deals, recorded in numerous studios and performed live at many venues in the UK and Europe ranging from small intimate clubs to large music festivals. After a short stint of promoting a music night at the Mermaid Theatre she decided to study music technology and production. This enabled her the freedom to produce music in a ‘home’ studio setting, resulting in a publishing deal for soundtrack music.

Helping others has always been a passion for Yvonne which is why she turned her hand to PR and started working for a vibrant PR/Communications Agency. Her enthusiasm and dedication saw her manage a number of large corporate projects and campaigns over the years, resulting in several awards.

Now, working as a freelance PR/Marketing Consultant, she helps several creative companies within the music and video industry. However, most of her time is dedicated to Sonata managing campaigns, events, social media and PR.

Nico the cat

After being rescued from an animal home Nico settled into the world of Sonata very quickly. She is homely, sociable and very chatty. Her passion lies with hi-fi packaging rather than the actual equipment, although sometimes she has a fascination for spinning turntables.