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Lots of ex-demo bargains to be had and all come in excellent condition, boxed and warrantied (except for trade-in and used products)

Have a browse and give us a call or send us an email if anything takes your fancy.

Tel: 0330 111 5653 Email: rob@sonatahifi.com


Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen integrated amp (ex-demo) – £15,000 (RRP £25,000)

Linn Majik DSM/2 Exakt (ex-demo) – SOLD

Linn Series 530 speakers with Paprika or Kaleido Splatt covers (ex-demo) – SOLD

Linn Akudorik Exakt speakers, white (ex-demo) – SOLD

Naim Audio UnitiServe, serviced with new 2TB drive (ex-demo) – £750 (RRP £2100)

Neat Acoustics SX1 speakers, oak (ex-demo) – £1200 (RRP £2100)

ProAc Tablette 10 speakers, white (ex-demo) – SOLD

ProAc D30RS speakers, cherry (ex-demo) – SOLD

Rega Aria phonostageSOLD

Rega RX1 speakers, black – SOLD

Rega RX3 speakers, walnut – SOLD

VPI Prime turntable and 3D arm (ex-demo) – SOLD


Goldmund Eidos 36U universal disc player (serviced, used) – SOLD

Goldmund Mimesis 24 digital preamp/processor (used) – SOLD

Goldmund Telos 200 mono amps (pair, used) – SOLD

Goldmund Logos 1+2 speaker system (pair, used) – SOLD (comprises: 2 x Logos 1 HE passive monitors, 2 x Logos 2 active subs, 2 x Logos Frames)

Complete Goldmund System (all of the above with Goldmund cables) – SOLD

Meridian 500 Series System (trade-in) –  SOLD

507 CD player, 504 Tuner, 502 Preamp, 557 power amp, MSR remote

All in immaculate condition, boxed with manuals and accessories

May sell separately (please enquire) 

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