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Our first show turned out to be a real baptism of fire.

We never seemed to stop over both days and the Classic Album Sundays lounge was always packed, which was great for such a big room.

The VPI HRX turntable was constantly spinning the vinyl, although we did give it a break from time to time and popped a CD on the Moon 650D.

The rest of the electronics just got on with producing a great sound (Moon 610LP, 740P and 870A) all running off Isol-8 mains conditioners.

As usual, all the equipment from Renaissance Audio worked flawlessly.

Our life was also made slightly easier thanks to the ProAc factory being about 20 minutes away, so the guys could jump in the van and bring the lovely K6’s directly to us (phew)

Our supporting cast was also world-class, especially the amazing Sonority Design racks and platforms that Steve Hitch kindly supplied (we couldn’t have done it without him).

It was a real team effort to get the ‘lounge’ up and running for Colleen’s album presentations and we’d like to thank all our friends who joined in.

John at Renaissance and Allan at Loud & Clear, David at ProAc, the aforementioned Mr Hitch, Michael from Studio Connections and our new volunteer, Angus of Westminster Lab.

Finally a big shout out to St Pauls Gallery for the stunning art work and of course DJ Colleen for putting together a brilliant programme of superb music.


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