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The XS is a very special CD player and brings a lot of exciting features with it to the table.

Being from Salisbury then we’ve got the expected DIN sockets (because they sound better) but also some ‘phonos’ for those who want to experience the music that the XS can make with other manufacturers gear (it’s lovely with Lavardins)

However, the real shocker is a digital output !

Yes, you’ll be able to upgrade the XS with the brilliant Naim DAC safe in the knowledge that your musical data is being transferred properly.

Finally, you can add an external power supply to the XS for a more traditional Naim two box player (FlatCaps and HiCaps apply here) and trust me you’ll want to do this as quickly as you can – huge musical gains applied here.

Some misinformed people are suggesting that CD players are a waste of money, well believe me, this player will allow you to enjoy your collection like never before – safe in the knowledge that it will be part of a growing system for many years to come.

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