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OK, I know it’s a tired old cliche favoured by the footballing fraternity but both myself and Yvonne are ecstatic about the music being made by the latest additions to the Sonata family.

The MOON electronics from Sim Audio are wonderful, those chaps over in Quebec certainly know how to make music.

We’ve currently got the muscular 340i amplifier fully tricked out with a terrific Phono board, internal Dac and balanced inputs. This compact, discrete package sounds huge, it really fills the room with some of the most captivating music we’ve heard from our ProAc’s.

However, special mention must go to the 360D that’s taking care of disc spinning duties.

We’ve been searching for a player that sits nicely in between the superb entry level Rega machines and the stuff that scares the Bank Manager (step forward Wadia and Nagra) and the MOON does it beautifully and it’s also got digital inputs !

We’re looking forward to integrating Sim Audio’s new MIND streaming module when it begins to ship in the spring, it’s going to be an absolute knock-out product.

Finally, the system really sings after a long (long, long) burn in and partnering with the Studio Connections cable harness and the evil Black Ravioli pads – put simply, they just work. Nothing more to be said….. other than come round for a listen soon !


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