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Oh, the joys of vinyl.

I love everything about it but most of all I’m fascinated by the incredible micro-engineering that goes into getting music on and off those shiny 12 inch discs.

The engineer in me is just mesmerised by the technical intricacies of the format and the seemingly endless solutions that people come up with for getting the music out of the grooves.

One fine example of such a person, someone who keeps getting more music from the vinyl disc is Mr William Firebaugh. This man’s lateral thinking is inspired.

As music lovers, we are fortunate indeed to have access to his work because the fruits of his creative labour are the fabulous Well Tempered record players.

Just like that other great turntable engineer, Simon Yorke, the products from Well Tempered come as complete integrated record playing devices where you get the turntable and tonearm combined as a whole package (Rega do this too)

Of course you’ll need a cartridge and it’ll be a Dynavector (or possibly a ZYX or EMT)

Also, like the turntables from Rega, the Well Tempered turntable plays well above its price. All the clever engineering is used where it makes the most sense for producing music.

Finally, many of you might enjoy the pleasure of hitting a golf ball, well why not bring that fun home with you and enjoy your music courtesy of a golf ball.

Ingenious !

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