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It takes something very special indeed to get us to spin the silver discs and Wadia products are very, very special.

Wadia was the first to (and remains one of the few companies that still can) produce musically involving sound from a digital data stream.

The list of the Wadia’s technical innovations is astonishing but what’s even more impressive is how those developments have actually had a positive impact on the musicality of Wadia CD players.

I don’t hide the fact that, for me, when it comes to music then analogue rules the roost.

If I’m in the studio wanting to record music then it’s analogue tape, consoles, outboard and effects too (oh yes, I adore EMT plate reverbs). So when I get home and want to enjoy some music, well, it’s a glass of red and a nice juicy cut of vinyl more often than not with some warm valves thrown in for good measure.

Now, I’ve got nothing against ones and zeros. Data is data after all and you can do some amazingly creative things with these bits. However, we as human beings are not very good at taking those lovely curvy analogue music waveforms and smashing them into noughts and ones. Vice-versa, we’re also pretty useless at putting Humpty Dumpty back together again !

Precious little digital gear makes music, it’s mostly lifeless, sterile and two dimensional.

Thankfully a Wadia isn’t. What we’re talking about here is a natural quality with music that’s alien to most digital audio products.

A sound that is fulsome, producing music that is truly captivating !

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