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These guys are mad about music and we love ‘em.

One of the best things about all the companies that we work with at Sonata is that they’re all full of great people. Especially the guys and girls at The Chord Company, just such a lovely bunch.

The care and attention to detail that goes into every handmade Chord product is superb.

This shines through in the performance of the cables, they work like a dream. No hype, no snake oil, no bull. Chord cables simply get out of the way of the music.

Properly engineered, painstakingly researched and thoughtfully developed. The Chord range simply gets progressively better as you move up the range.

All you hear is just more music.

They wont paper over the cracks but they will let great products sing !

We’re lucky at Sonata because Chord have appointed us as a dealer for their reference cables, the Sarum range.

These are serious components, developed for the highest quality music systems.

Another must hear product.

(click here to see our Chord Co. products)

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