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DV P-75 mk II

A complete pocket rocket, small and perfectly formed. The P-75 is like a prize fighter that punches well above his weight.

This delightful phono amplifier from down under really does welcome you to high performance music playback.

Insightful and playful, the P-75 is also extremely versatile and works with a wide range of cartridges but of course, comes in to its own with any Dynavector needle.

It’s also armed with a secret weapon. The Dr T Phono Enhancer.

This basically operates the P-75 as a current amplifier (rather than a voltage one) and in simple terms it just makes better music that way, particularly with a DV cartridge.

If this is what Dynavector can do with a phono amplifier then we can’t wait to get our hands on their pre and power amps (stay tuned folks)

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