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Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 17.57.45Sonata will be attending London’s Indulgence Show on Friday 29th Sep to Sunday 1st Oct.

We will be there on the 3rd floor helping out Renaissance Audio (room 33) showing and demonstrating Moon and VPI products and we’ll also be with Innous (room 24) where our Goldmund ProLogos speakers will be showcased along with the Zenith SE Limited Edition music server.

There’ll be plenty to see and do including luxury audio, live music, photography exhibitions, vinyl and bespoke home accessories.

So, why don’t you come along to the Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith, London and say hello!

More information about the show can be found at


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And, joining the winner’s club is Nick Micouris.




We teamed up with Sister Ray Records for Record Store Day 2017 and for the 5th year running we held a prize draw, giving away a limited edition Rega turntable. Only 500 were made and 36 of them were signed by artists such as Noel Gallagher, Elbow, Jarvis Cocker to name a few!



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Iggy Pop’s ‘Post Pop Depression’ still feels fresh and relevant one year later and regularly spins at Sonata.

The album’s raw, sonic textures blasts out pure pop classics such as ‘Gardenia’. But, pop with a dark ‘Iggy’ twist and sexual lyrics of forbidden dreams.

Iggy’s musical collaboration with Josh Homme, Arctic Monkey’s drummer, Matt Helders and LA multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita is a dream combo delivering an album that picks up where ‘Lust for Life’ left off.

Another reason why this great album is close to our hearts here – Sonata’s very own Rob Wilson (Dr Rob) back in his lecturing days, taught the engineer and mixer, Mark Rankin. It’s great to see Mark putting all that knowledge to good use ūüėČ

When questioned about this album, 68 year old Iggy said, “I feel like I’m closing up after this”. Let’s hope this is not the case, the world needs you Mr Pop…

Headphone Show

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We’re excited to announce that Sonata is exhibiting at the Headroom Show on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th March.

What makes this audio show a bit different, is it’s location – the famous Metropolis Recording Studios in Chiswick, West London.

Metropolis, a Grade II listed former power station building, opened as a recording studio in 1989 and remains one of the few large recording studios still operating in London today.

For two days only, doors will open to the general public, giving an opportunity to wander around this beautiful building and listen to some of the best headphone systems currently available. By attending the show you will have rare access to the actual studios where famous artists have recorded, such as Queen, U2, Amy Winehouse, Adele and many more!

Sonata will be there showing the Moon 430 headphone amp, AKG Professional headphones, Innous Zenith server plus cables from Studio Connections and Nordost.
We will also be showcasing the legendary Goldmund THA2 headphone amp, an opportunity not to be missed for any headphone aficionados out there!

Don’t miss out, visit Headroom/tickets for advance tickets and do please come and say hello to us.

Ex Demo Hi-Fi

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Sonata’s 2017 spring clean…

For those of you wanting to shake off the winter blues, we have some fantastic ex-demo bargains to tempt you with…



Rega RP6-Exact turntable (Black)            SOLD

Rega Apollo-R CD Player                         SOLD

Rega Brio-R amplifier                               £300   (RRP £550)

Rega Elicit-R amplifier                              SOLD

Rega Saturn-R CD/DAC                           £1100 (RRP £1600)

Rega RS3 speakers (Cherry)                    £500   (RRP £800)



Naim Qute2 streamer/amp                       £900   (RRP £1300)

Naim Unitiserve                                        £1000 (RRP £2300)

Naim DAC V1                                           £900   (RRP £1400)

Naim NAP100                                          £500   (RRP £750)

Naim Flatcap2 PSU                                 £600   (RRP £850)



Linn Majik DSM/1 streamer-amp               £2000 (RRP £2950)

Linn Kiko system (White)                           £1500 (RRP £2500)



Moon 180D MiND streamer                         £600   (RRP £900)

Moon 310LP phono stage                            SOLD



ProAc D1 speakers (Maple)                                               SOLD

ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers (Ebony)                   SOLD

ProAc Studio 118 speakers (White)                                   £800 (RRP £1300)



Totem Arro speakers (Cherry) with Claw feet upgrade             £1000  (RRP £1700)

Totem Mite speakers (Black Ash)                                             £500   (RRP £850)

Totem Kin Mini speakers (White)                                              £250   (RRP £400)

Totem Kin Sub powered subwoofer (White)                             £400   (RRP £600)



Eclipse TD508 mkIII speakers (Black)                                £600   (RRP £950)

Eclipse 508 stands (White)                                                 £150   (RRP £250)

Eclipse TD M1 speakers (Black)                                        £500   (RRP £800)



Leben 300XS valve amplifier                                             £2000 (RRP £3000)

Leben 300F valve amplifier (new)                                      £2000 (RRP £2500)



Creek Evo 50A amplifier with phono (Black)                   £600   (RRP £950)



Melco NA1 digital music library (Silver)                           £1200             (RRP £1750)


Well Tempered

Well Tempered Lab Versalex turntable (Walnut)              SOLD



Kiseki Blue NS cartridge                                                  £1200             (RRP £1700)



Goldmund Telos HDA mk1 headphone amp/DAC           £5000             (RRP £8000)



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Fellow music lovers,

2016 has been a monumental year for music and we have sadly lost some of the true greats. But their music lives on, and to celebrate we’ve decided to have a vinyl inspired pop-up shop and art exhibition.

This coming weekend we’re partnering up with renowned artist¬†Morgan Howell¬†to present a few days of vinyl heaven!

Come and join us at 31 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, NW6 6RA.

We’ll have something for everyone with music, art and film. For the hi-fi lovers there’ll be an exclusive showing of the new 2017 Rega Brio amp, as well as turntables, speakers and electronics from the following manufacturers –¬†Rega,¬†Moon,¬†Linn,¬†VPI, ¬†ProAc,¬†Totem,¬†Naim¬†and¬†Goldmund.

For more details click through to sound-vision-pop-up-2 and check out our jingle with K2K Radio